September 2 2018.

Benin City, Nigeria…The Africa Network for Environment & Economic Justice, ANEEJ, and Actionaid will hold a round table meeting in Abuja Nigeria to analyse new approaches to tackling corruption in Nigeria.

Traditional approaches in tackling corruption in Nigeria have not yielded the desired results. Instead, emerging issues including ethnic, religious and political threads tend to undermine the success of anti-corruption and the rule of law. Such traditional approaches emphasize law enforcement and sanctions. In Nigeria, a number of institutions or agencies have been set up as well to fight corruption.

‘However, past efforts regarding institutional, policy and legal frameworks have experienced setbacks and we believe that there seem to be less citizen participation in anti-corruption efforts. Therefore, targeting change in social norms that encourages corruption is a new frontier which we must explore to defeat the cankerworm of corruption. What is novel about this approach is that it increases citizens’ participation and builds strong resistance to corrupt behaviour’ ANEEJ executive director, the Rev David Ugolor said in a statement.

Key presentations to be made at the meeting will include Anti-corruption Agencies policies and legislations in Nigeria (Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, PACAC). Others are Perspective on Behavioural insights and gaps in anti-corruption policy development and implementation in Nigeria  (Dr. Oscar, Dept. of Public Admin, AAU, Ekpoma);  Private sector Perspective and the Social Thinking Model of Behavioural Change – (Soji Apampa, Executive Director, Integrity) and Anti-corruption policies implementation in Nigeria and persons with Disabilities, (David Anyaele, President, Centre for Citizens with Disabilities).

The roundtable is an activity under the Strengthening Citizens Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption (SCRAP-C) project that Actionaid Nigeria is implementing as part of the broader DFID’s Anti-Corruption in Nigeria (ACORN) programme. Inter alia, the meeting is expected to produce recommendations to policy makers on new anti-corruption efforts that will highlight DFID-ACORN contribution in addressing corruption in Nigeria.


And true to the ANEEJ credo of walking the talk, the meeting on behavioural change on tackling corruption took place at the Corinthia Hotel in Abuja on the 3rd September, 2018, with an array of high-profile speakers. Prior to this a press release here, https://www.dailypoliticsng.com/prof-bolaji-owasanoye-of-pacac-headlines-aneej-actionaid-anti-corruption-roundtable/, heralded the event. 

ANEEJ and ACTIONAID presented welcome addresses ANEEJ ED Welcome Address  Find below a confetti of photographs of the auspicious speakers from the EFCC, ICPC, the McArthur Foundation, OSIWA, the OGP Secretariat and the Presidency at the new-approaches-to tackling-corruption event:

Bar. Taiwo Akerele, chief of staff to the Edo State government giving  behavioural insights at the ANEEJ-Actionaid Roundtable

Ene Obi, Actionaid Country Director, raising issues related to behavioural insights to tackling corruption


Soji Apampa, INTEGRITY executive secretary was a resource person at the behaviour change ANEEJ-ACTIONAID

Gary Kelechi Amadi, representative of the PACAC executive secretary, Bolaji Owasanoye, resolving issues with tackling corruption in new ways


Obaseki urges behavourial change in anti-corruption fight


Obaseki urges behavourial change in anti-corruption fight


Governor Obaseki urges behavourial change in anti-corruption fight


Obaseki urges behavourial change in anti-corruption fight