From the editor-in-chief: 

This edition of ANEEJ quarterly newsletter (click link above) is a loaded package. It came at a time when ANEEJ deputy executive director, Leo Atakpu (who is the Reality of AID chairperson) attended the RoA meeting in Paris and steered discussions on preparing and sending out discussion papers,  assignment of main discussants for each proposed theme of the meeting. Other news included in this edition include the section on the publication of Fatality of Nigerian Oil Politics, ISBN 978-978-959-255-8, a book co-authored by the Rev David Ugolor and Comrade Leo Atakpu, and which in part details an outcome of two-and half decades development work by the duo. Newspaper articles & letters to the editor written by Ovie Assurance and Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku,, are included in this package, together with two crucial meetings which took place in and out of ANEEJ in the period under consideration. ANEEJ position on abandoned projects in the Niger Delta, and the Federal government signing of Extradition Treaties with the UAE form part of this interesting read.

Prior to this, ANEEJ as well published the CASAN Newsletter, linked to activities around the Civil Society Advocacy to Support Anti-Corruption in Nigeria Project(CASAN). A link to that newsletter can be found here:



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