At the Global Forum for Asset Recovery, GFAR, event in Washington, DC, December 2-4 2017, there were strong suggestions that for the asset recovery campaign to garner interest and momentum,  creating a global platform for CSO work on asset recovery and kleptocracy would be useful, and that holding some form of event for CSOs on Asset Recovery during 2018 would also be something to aim for. 

Post GFAR drawing board

Therefore at the Vienna side-event, 7th June, 2018 the UK government would hold a 1.5 hour event on the GFAR principles . CSO representatives, including ANEEJ, would be included.  The UK’s  draft concept note is attached here:  0502 – ARWG Side Event Concept – FINAL

The Rev David Ugolor with panelists at the GFAR Event , Washington DC 2017

A handful of members of constituted Working Group on Accountable Asset Return will be attending the meeting and could bring with them a CSO statement.  Organizers believe that the June 7 meeting would offer an opportunity to distribute printed copies of this document to asset recovery experts and discuss it with them.

Abubakar Malami (SAN), Hon AGF & Minister of Justive of Nigeria with other leaders signing the MoU for the return of the $321million Abacha loot


UPDATE: 7th June, 2018

The Rev David Ugolor, ANEEJ Executive Director as panelist at the Vienna Asset Recovery Side Event

Participants and discussants at the Asset Recovery side event in Vienna Austria