ANEEJ executive director the Rev David Ugolor, reading the CSO statement at the Washington GRAF. He is flanked by CSO representatives of the Ukraine, Tunisia and Sri Lanka

The ANEEJ pre-GFAR consultative meeting which took place on October 26, 2017 was a watershed in the annals of activities leading to the inaugural Global Forum on Asset Recovery, December 2-4 in Washington DC. It focussed on the asset recovery efforts of four countries – Nigeria, the Ukraine, Tunisia and Sri Lanka.  The event fell within the time frame allotted to the Civicus/SACE Civil Society week which took place in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. This newsletter chronicles ANEEJ effort to build an enduring framework on the recovery of assets in Nigeria, and highlights the importance which ANEEJ attached to the success of her Citizen Report Card, CRC, leading to the commencement of another project –  the Niger Delta Institutions Transparency Index.

This newsletter was produced under the guidance of the executive director,  the Rev David Ugolor and with supervision from the deputy executive director, Comrade Leo Atakpu. 

Enjoy it:

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