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ANEEJ Projects/Programs

1) Strengthening Oil Revenue Management in Niger Delta (Phase II)

ANEEJ has started a 3-year transparency project which is titled Strengthening Revenue Management in Niger Delta (phase II)’. The aim of this project is to spur the government, civil society and other stakeholders to imbibe the culture of transparency and accountability in their activities. This project will focus on 7 states; Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Ondo, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross River.

The Norwegian government through its embassy in Nigeria as well as EED a donor agency from Germany is contributing to this project. Series of workshops will be done across the seven afore mentioned states, targeting major revenue management thematic areas.


2) Awareness and Sensitization on Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)

ANEEJ is also implementing a project entitled “AWARENESS AND SENSITIZATION ON PETROLEUM INDUSTRY BILL” with support from FOSTER. In line with the agreed terms of reference, the project commenced October 2012 and ends October 2013.

The purpose of the project is to empower CSOs and media groups with evidence based information and strategies of engagement that supports the passage of PIB that is credible, relevant and if well implemented and monitored allow for growth of the oil industry and best practices around transparency and accountability.

The objectives are in twofold: (i) pursuit of passage of a credible PIB and (ii) improvement of advocacy capacity of CSO’s involved in the project.


3) End Impunity Campaign

ANEEJ has also launched a campaign group tagged “END IMPUNITY ADVOCACY GROUP”. The initial activities were funded by Justice for All (J4A) under her anti-corruption components, covering activities that led to the formation of End Impunity Now Group (EIN). The group followed up with the implementation of the House of Representatives fuel subsidy report and has also staged a national day against corruption in Abuja, Nigeria. The campaign has metamorphosed to End Impunity Advocacy Group, a group which seeks to end the culture of impunity in Nigeria.


4) Civil Society Campaign Against Extra-Judicial Killings

ANEEJ has also initiated a campaign to end extra-judicial killings in Nigeria. ANEEJ has through this platform mobilized civil society groups in Edo State on a Peaceful Protest against the extra-judicial killing of a University undergraduate, Ibrahim Momodu who was killed by the police. This project which so far has been self funded is linked to the Niger Delta Observatory Initiative for Human Rights, a platform set up by ANEEJ in 2012, while marking the 2012 International Day for Human Rights. We encourage Nigerians to link up with the campaign and like our page on facebook, as well, post information on extra-judicial killings and cases of human rights violations.


5) Advocacy against impunity in the oil subsidy regime in Nigeria

ANEEJ has started another project entitled “Advocacy against impunity in the oil subsidy regime in Nigeria.” This project is a major effort to end impunity in the management of oil subsidy funds in Nigeria, where contractors acting in cooperation with some “unseen persons” in government collect huge sums of money from government (subsidy) with an intention of importing refined crude oil products for all Nigerian citizens.

The 12 months project being funded by J4A has the following goals;


  • To raise public awareness about corruption and malpractice in the oil and gas sector by improved reporting of anti-corruption efforts in the oil and gas sector by ACAs, CSOs and the media, supported by proper information and statistics.
  • To highlight anti-corruption success stories in the oil and gas sector, with justice seen to be done, more oil subsidy scam suspects being brought to justice and stolen monies recovered to finance development in Nigeria



The following are some of the key activities during the last few years:


“Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Resource Management in Bayelsa State” The project is funded 90% by USAID through Pact ADVANCE and ANEEJ is supporting with 10% of the total cost. It seeks to improve the capacity of relevant stakeholders to effectively engage with the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), Bayelsa State Public Procurement Law 2009 and Fiscal Responsibility Law 2009 as a way to enhance transparency and accountability in resource management.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), through the Swiss Embassy in Nigeria supported ANEEJ to implement the capacity building for members of Delta State House of Assembly Project. The Project entails both advocacy visits and capacity building. The aim of the project is to strengthen the knowledge base of the legislators to be able to play their constitutionally assigned role.

ANEEJ/Nigerian Union of Journalist Seminar on International Women’s Day Celebrations, Benin City, May, 2002.

Seminar on International Day Against Dams, March14, 2000 – 2003.

Sensitization Workshop on the Hydroelectric Power Producing Commission and the World Commission on Dams Report, Minna, Niger State, November 2003.

Reference Workshop on a Study on Management of Oil Revenue in the Niger Delta States, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, November, 2003.

National NGO Consultative Meeting on Water and Sanitation in Nigeria, Lagos, December, 2003.

Hosting the Secretariat of the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Campaign, Nigeria and the Nigerian Network on Stolen Assets since 2004, and coordinating the CSOs that are involved in monitoring repatriated Abacha loots under the Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability Review (PEMFAR) tripartite agreement between the World Bank and the Swiss and Nigerian governments.

Coordinating Secretariat for the Niger Delta Budget Monitoring and Transparency Network ( A network of CSOs, CBOs and grassroots organizations doing budget work in the Oil-producing states).

Conducted training workshops, seminars and community dialogues for CSOs, CBOs, the media and the local communities on public participation (Public Budgeting) in governance since 2001

Tracking of Commonwealth Education Funds (CEF) in Edo state.

Mapping of CSOs involved in budget monitoring activities in Niger Delta, for ActionAid International Nigeria, and Pact Nigeria, Managers of USAID ADVANCE project.



  • West African Conference on Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) and HIPC, Djregbe, Benin Republic, 1998.
  • Our first International Conference on debt in West Africa was in April 1998. The conference was organized in Republic of Benin in collaboration with EURODAD and pan African Center for Social Prospects with support form OXFAM UK, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This conference led to the foundation of the ECOWAS Network on Debt and Development (ECONDAD).
  • The African Social Forum, Bamako, Mali, 2002.
  • African/Middle East Regional Consultation on World Commission on Dams, Cairo, Egypt, 1999.
  • West African Regional Consultation on ESAF and Debt, Togo, 1999.
  • The forum was used by the Breton Woods Institutions to consult with the civil society Organizations that preceded the G8 meeting in Cologne, 1999.
  • ECONDAD Annual Conference, Bukina Faso, 2000.
  • ECONDAD Reality of Aid Meeting, Lagos, September 2003, Abuja 2005.
  • Jubilee South Strategic Meeting, Lagos, May, 2003.



  • International Conference on Financing for Development, March 2002 in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • ANEEJ organized a Side Event in collaboration with Norwegian Civil Society with representatives from the United States, Swiss Government, IMF and World Bank.
  • The International Freshwater Conference, Bonn, Germany, 2001.
  • The World Social Forum held in February 2002 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  • G8 Summits –Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.
  • Second World Water Forum, Hague, Netherlands, 2000.
  • Third World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan, 2003.
  • The International Members of Parliament Meeting on Debt, Hague, March, 2002.
  • ANEEJ facilitated the invitation of the Senate President of the National Assembly, Chief Pius Anyim to represent Nigeria and participate in the meeting.
  • The United Nations Ad Hoc Committee Meeting for the negotiation of an International Conference on Corruption held in June 2002 in Vienna, Austria.
  • The British Government-led Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) workshop in London, February 2003.
  • The European Union Multi-stakeholders Forum in Brussels, September, 2003.
  • The United Nations High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development October 2003, UN HQ, New York.



  • ANEEJ Pre-GFAR Consultative Forum, 26th October, 2017, Reiz Continental Hotel Abuja, with the theme: Creating an Enduring Framework for Asset Recovery in Nigeria.