Background & theme

The Civil Society Forum is a platform for dialogue between civil society and the African Development Bank. The 2018 edition of the Forum is taking place at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, from May 7 to 9 and is aligned with the industrialization theme of the Bank’s 2018 Annual Meetings.

The Forum is being attended by government officials and civil society organizations from across Africa, international NGOs, as well as the Bank’s Senior Management. As part of the Bank’s mandate to further engage with civil society, the Bank’s Civil Society Division in the Gender, Women and Civil Society Department, launched in 2017 a series of consultations with CSOs as well as internal consultations with Bank staff.

A key outcome from the consultations will be joint decision to change the format of the Bank’s Civil Society Fora. The Forum will be held separately from the Bank’s Annual Meetings and will consist of a 3-day event devoted entirely to priorities of civil society in Africa. The theme of the meeting is ‘engaging Civil Society in Accelerating Africa’s Industrialization’.

Culled from the ADB Website

ANEEJ Executive Director, the Rev David Ugolor is attending this event.  There are over 100 civil society representatives drawn from across African countries and internationally. Kindly find a panorama of the event:

The Rev Ugolor keenly participating in the Abidjan event

Other participants drawn from Africa & rest of the world

Executive session in progress