ANEEJ Partners

ANEEJ has maintained good relationship with a number of funding agencies across the World and has received funding from the partners listed below over time. The list is not exhaustive.
• Action Aid International, Nigeria
• AFRODAD, Harare
• AIDC, South Africa/Jubilee South
• Bothends
• British Council/DFID
– Justice for All (J4A)
– Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER)
• EED Germany/ Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service
• Environmental Monitoring Group, South Africa
• EURODAD, Belgium
• Global Green Grants Foundation, USA
• Heinrich Boll Foundation, Nigeria
• Inter-Church Action (ICA)/CIDA, Canada
• Norwegian government
• Norwegian Trust Fund/World Bank
• NOVIB/Oxfam, Netherlands
• Open Society for West Africa (OSIWA)
• Oxfam, United Kingdom
• PACT Nigeria
• Save the Children, UK
• Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), Sweden
• Swiss government
• United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), New York
• United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Kenya
• USAID, Washington
• World Council of Churches