On the 26th October 2017, ANEEJ organized a pre-GFAR Consultative meeting, against the backdrop of the inaugural Global Forum for Asset Recovery, GFAR, to take place in Washington DC, December 4-6 and which was to focus on the asset recovery efforts of four countries – Nigeria, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.

In attendance at the pre-GFAR consultative meeting were three Ambassadors – the UK, the Swiss and a representative of the US Ambassador, together with the cream of Civil Society and government officials. This perhaps was to consolidate the notion that for asset recovery to take place, there must be three types of actors representing three societal spheres – the government sphere, the civil society sphere and the corporate sphere.

The theme of that pre-GFAR programme – building an enduring framework for asset recovery in Nigeria – appears to have been met. But the question which remains is this: what next? To answer this question a post GFAR strategy meeting took place at the OGP Hub in Washington DC.

A host of those present at the pre-GFAR in Abuja together with the nine CSOs which represented Nigerian CSOs at the Washington event took time out to brainstorm and put strategies in place for the task ahead.

These are the photos of that post-GFAR event:


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