UK Anti-Corruption Summit Livestream and Communique

The Anti-Corruption Summit has come to a close.

Here are a few more of the outcome documents.

Country commitments

Here are the individual Summit commitments of 42 countries:

And here are commitments of some international institutions:



Leaders Manifesto

Another publication to know about is the collection of statements by world business and civil society leaders, including one from UNCAC Coalition Chair Manzoor Hasan, submitted to the Summit: Kudos to TI-UK which organised this publication.

“Tackling Corruption Together” conference 11 May

Congrats also to TI-UK for their great work in organising, together with Commonwealth Secretariat, the pre-Summit “Tackling Corruption Together” conference held yesterday:

The UK Anti-Corruption Summit is being live-streamed here:

You can find the Communique here: