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ANEEJ Delegation to Attend Debt and Development Academy in Tanzania and Zanzibar

ANEEJ Delegation to Attend Debt and Development Academy in Tanzania and Zanzibar

BENIN CITY, NIGERIA. June 11, 2024…. The Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) is pleased to announce its participation in the Debt and Development Academy (DaDA) II, scheduled to take place from June 17th to 19th, 2024, in Arusha, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

Organised by the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD), the Debt and Development Academy, According to ANEEJ Acting Executive Director, Leo Atakpu is a flagship capacity-building programme designed to empower civil society organizations (CSOs) and activists in advocating for climate, economic, and social justice in Africa.

Atakpu further noted that the Academy’s second edition aims to promote a collective Pan-African approach to tackling contemporary challenges such as poverty, inequality, and dependency, using feminist macroeconomic principles and frameworks.

He highlighted the significance of ANEEJ’s participation in this training as it contributes to building stakeholders’ capacity for a solid Pan African ideation on issues related to prudent debt management and related development finance mechanisms. “As an organization working on debt and structural adjustment, ANEEJ will among other participants drawn from across the world engage actively and contribute to discussions on how the Africa continent can move from being a rule taker to a rule maker,” remarked Atakpu.

“DaDA, will highlight the initiatives and mechanisms that African countries may utilise to prudently manage their debts for the benefits of its citizens and contribute to strengthening an African debt movement that can influence the international debt landscape for the benefit of African people”, said Atakpu.

The Debt and Development Academy will foster critical discussions on key issues related to debt, development financing, and economic governance as distinguished speakers and experts will delve into key topics such as Alternative Approaches to Debt: Unpacking emerging approaches to debt, with a focus on the neoliberal/neocolonial approach and the feminist perspective, considering their impact on human rights, especially those of women and girls. More so, it will discuss in depth the role of Parliamentarians in Debt Management: Highlighting the central role of parliaments in public debt management through legislation, representation, and oversight, Atakpu stated.

Representing ANEEJ at the 3-day Debt and Development Academy is the Monitoring and Evaluation/Debt Campaign Officer, Paul Odokara, who will actively participate in the training organized by AFRODAD. The aim is to contribute to discussions, share insights, and collaborate on issues bothering Nigeria’s current debt profile, structural adjustment programs, and effective utilisation of special drawing rights, amongst others.

The academy will take participants through modules such as Understanding Africa’s Debt, Global Processes, the Africa We Want, a Pan-African Macroeconomic Feminist Approach, Intersections I: Tax and Illicit Financial Flows, Intersections II: Trade and Industrialisation, Intersections III: Climate Finance and Africa’s Energy Transition, the Role of Law and the Rule of Law, the African Debt Campaign by STB, and the Role of Legislators in Debt Management.

At the end of the training, ANEEJ plans to leverage insights gained to advocate for the Nigerian government to obey its laws on borrowing and debt contracting, particularly the Fiscal Responsibility Act, such that violators be sanctioned appropriately.

The etraining promises a robust outcome of a more knowledgeable, engaged, and active citizenry on public debt management and public finance management issues across Africa; Civil Society organisations that will advocate for their national governments and advocate for improved debt management and effective utilisation of borrowed funds; and Power holders that have the capacity to make policy decisions from an informed position. As a debt and structural adjustment campaign organisation, ANEEJ remains committed to the push for a more transparent and accountable use and management of borrowed funds to finance development in Nigeria.

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