The RAPE WATCH project is a campaign aimed at improving the knowledge of the public concerning sexual violence and its impacts on individuals and the society as a whole.
This project focuses on building a platform where rape victims can speak up. It attempts to engender justice for sexually harassed persons, building a sustainable network in Nigeria and also strengthen institutional structures to stand up against sexual violence.
The RAPE WATCH project came up as a result of the increasing number of persons that are sexually abused everyday all over the world and in Nigeria in particular.
Human rights are undeniable and violations of these rights irrespective of gender should not be overlooked. People should be able to live in a society without fear of being sexually molested, particularly women and children who are the most vulnerable group. Sexual harassment is an infringement on the human right of individuals and it is also one of the “by product” of corruption. It is the abuse of power by persons in authority for personal benefits to the detriment of others. The unchecked rate of sexual harassment has led to high level of defilement of children in the society today with little or no sanctions for perpetrators.
Though our culture, religion, laws and other established institutions condemn all forms of sexual violence, yet there is no significant change in terms of statistics of reported rape victims and sexually harassed persons. The number keeps increasing, not forgetting that unreported cases are more than reported cases due to fear, shame, weak institutions and stigma.
RAPE WATCH project aims to bridge the gaps that exist between these institutions by creating an effective platform and strengthening these institutions to stand against sexual violence.
And most especially, RAPE WATCH seeks to create awareness through the educational system in primary, secondary and tertiary levels. This awareness is a two-way traffic that intends to remove the burden of fear, shame and stigma from sexually abused persons through building their confidence to speak up for their rights and also prevent the occurrence of such violence. Secondly, RAPE WATCH shall ensure perpetrators are punished to deter harassers and rapists and drastically reduce the rate of sexual harassment in higher institutions and other forms of sexual assault in the society.
RAPE WATCH seeks to ensure a rape free society.