ANEEJ in the News


Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has written to ANEEJ executive director the Rev David Ugolor, on the occasion of his 48th birthday celebrations marked with an inaugural public lecture series with the theme SHRINKING PUBLIC SPACE AND INNOVATION AS PANACEA .

In the letter, the Edo State executive governor said that Rev David Ugolor’s ‘interest in matters of our environment (Natural Resources) and the equitable distribution of the economic benefits have rightfully earned Rev Ugolor global fame’.

Continuing, the Edo State Governor said that ‘ through your Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice, you have spearheaded the crusade of ensuring that host communities of mineral resources are not shortchanged in the economic and social benefits, which are attached to the exploration of their God-given mineral resources’.

Governor Obaseki commended the Rev David Ugolor’s efforts and said he shares the importance of the cause which the Rev David Ugolor projects.

‘As you celebrate your 48th Birthday which you are also commemorating with a PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES, my wish is for you to keep experiencing successes in all areas of your humanitarian endeavours’, the Edo state governor said.

The inaugural lecture series held to commemorate the 48th year birthday of the Rev David Ugolor, executive director of the Africa Network for Environment & Economic Justice ANEEJ. Chaired by former Edo Justice Commissioner, Osagie Obayuwana, it had in attendance an array of very distinguished members of the Civil Society, religious leaders, Kings and Queens, champions of industry as well as members of the Academia. The keynote address was written by Sam Amadi, visiting fellow of the Nigerian Advanced Institute of Legal Studies, NIALS, Abuja.

Below are photos of the august event:

The Rev David Ugolor delivering an address of welcome at the inaugural lecture. Seated at the high table is the Chairman of the occasion, Osagie Obayuwana, the Ovie of Oghara Kingdom and the Enogie of Ogua, Edo State


Former Edo Commissioner of Justice, Osagie Obayuwana delivering a scintillating address. Seated behind and listening with rapt attention in the background is Edert Valbourg of Bread for the World, Berlin Germany, and Professor Ben Aigbokhan of the Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogua, Edo State
Professor Mrs Yinka Omorogbe, Edo State Commissioner for Justice, delivering a powerful presentation on the occasion of the Rev David Ugolor public lecture on the Shrinking public Space and innovation as panacea
Representative of the keynote speaker delivering a spellbinding address, the climax of the Rev David Ugolor public lecture series on shrinking public space and innovation as panacea
Edert Valbourg of Bread for the World, Berlin Germany in a Tet-a-tete with Professor Ben Aigbokhan of the Samuel Adegboyega University, Edo State
An array of distinguished personalities in attendance at the Rev David Ugolor inaugural lecture. Seated in front row (right) is Dr Aghatise Esohe, Italy-based campaigner for gender equality and member of the Edo Women’s Development Initiative, EWDI, Benin City
A rich tapestry of the cultural endowment of the Bini people thrilling the audience at the Rev David Ugolor public lecture.