Nigeria’s Vote Against Human Rights Defenders: ANEEJ Expresses  Deep Concern

Nigeria’s Vote Against Human Rights Defenders: ANEEJ Expresses Deep Concern


Press Release

10th December, 2015.

Benin City—-The Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) has expressed deep concern over the recent vote by Nigeria against the UN resolution on the protection of human rights defenders.
“We are worried by the decision of the Federal Government to join China and Russia to oppose the resolution as these nations are well known for human rights violation, the world over Kenya, South Africa, and Myanmar which were the other countries that voted against are not god examples either.
“Our concern stems from the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari has consistently promised to allow the rule of law to flourish in the country during his reign and we wonder how the rule of law which is based on protection of rights of every citizens could flourish where the rights of Human Rights Defenders are not guaranteed, ” Executive Director of ANEEJ, Rev. David Ugolor said.
“As the world marks this year’s human rights day, we are disturbed that Nigeria delegation to the UN said “they saw ‘no need’ for the resolution, effectively denying the importance of independent civil society and dissent to democracy and development. We expected Nigeria to join more progressives nations like Norway which saw the protection of human rights defenders as key to their country.
“We are using the occasion of this year’s World Human Rights Day to encourage our President and the present administration to take more progressive positions among the comity of nations on the issue of human rights defenders. Nigeria should take steps to reverse its position in subsequent UN meetings . Our position is informed by the fact that there has been increasing pressure on human rights globally, and on human rights defenders in particular. It is pertinent to further note that Human rights defenders are a resource for all societies, not a threat. Human rights defenders in Nigeria should be allowed to carry out their work safely and without risk under the Buhari administration,” David Ugolor stated.
“We also want government to deepen its war against corruption as corruption has been fingered to be the greatest cause of violation of the fundamental human rights of Nigerians” Ugolor said.
ANEEJ further called on the Federal Government to check the rising spate of impunity and extra-judicial killings in the country. The group urged government to take steps to guarantee the rights of all Nigerians irrespective of their place of abode.

ABOUT ANEEJ:To contribute to the emergence of a just and equitable African society through socio-economic and environmental rights protection, institutional strengthening and people’s empowerment.

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