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UNCAC Coalition Gets New Board

UNCAC Coalition Gets New Board

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. June 18, 2024… The UNCAC Coalition, a global Civil Society anti-graft group established for the Implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption has elected a new Board of Directors to steer the Affairs of the Coalition in the next year.

Managing Director, UNCAC Coalition, Mathias Huter while announcing the results of the group’s board election on behalf of the Coalition team weekend, a copy of which was made available to ANEEJ NEWSREEL, thanked all the candidates for their readiness to take on the various roles to help steer the global anti-corruption community and to oversee the work of the UNCAC Coalition’s Hub.

“On behalf of the Coalition team, I would also like to thank all the candidates for their readiness to take on this role to help steer our global anti-corruption community and to oversee the work of the UNCAC Coalition’s Hub!” Huter said.

He paid glowing tributes to outgoing Board members, who served as the Board’s Vice Chairman. “I would also like to use this opportunity to recognize the important contributions made by the outgoing board members and thank them for all the time, energy, expertise, and experience they have contributed to the work of the Coalition in recent years,” Mathias Huter said.

Those elected include: Americas Regional Seat; Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) – represented by Clara Inés Lucarella, Europe Regional Seat 1; Transparency International Georgia – represented by Sandro Kevkhishvili and South Asia Regional Seat; Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) represented by Mukhtar Ahmad Ali

Others include: Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Seat 1; Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda – represented by Marlon Agaba, International Member Organisation Seat 1; Open Data Charter – represented by Natalia Carfi Individual Member Seat represented by Naomi RohtArriaza.

ANEEJ’s Executive Director, Rev David Ugolor, elected June last year is the current Vice Chairman of the coalition, representing Sub-Saharan Africa 2.

Established in August 2006, the UNCAC Coalition is a global network of over 350 civil society organizations (CSOs) in over 100 countries, committed to promoting the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). The Coalition mobilizes civil society action for UNCAC at international, regional and national levels. Our office is registered and based in Vienna, Austria.
The UNCAC’s framework is so comprehensive that it is relevant for a wide range of CSOs. Consequently, the Coalition consists of groups working in the areas of anti-corruption, human rights, labor rights, governance, economic development, environment and private sector accountability, among others.