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On Tuesday, September 25 2018 international headquarters of the Africa Network for Environment & Economic Justice, ANEEJ was a beehive of activities.  It was the Media Brief on Project Close Out. Her partner, the LITE-Africa, which worked with ANEEJ was there as well. Several media representatives graced this important meeting.

In an address, ANEEJ executive director, the Rev David Ugolor and her cluster members in welcoming those present said that the project close out was about the Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) on Niger Delta Institutions, and funded by USAID through Chemonics.

Rev David Ugolor, ANEEJ executive director, making a welcome address on the Media Project Close Out…in Benin City

According to Rev Ugolor, the first two years of the project started in October 2014. He said that ANEEJ/LITE-Africa as well as their cluster members undertook specific activities to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to engage the Niger Delta Institutions (NDIs) to promote transparency, accountability and effectiveness.

Eguagie Sandra, Project Officer, making a summary presentation

‘Research on the mandates of Niger Delta Institutions (NDIs) was carried out and a baseline of citizen’s perception of the activities and performance of NDIs was established in the Citizen Report Card (CRC). The outcome of the research and CRC was condensed into policy papers and used to engage the respective NDIs’, the Rev Ugolor said

During this second phase of the project which is ending in October this year (2018), ANEEJ developed the Niger Delta Institutions Transparency Index (NDITI) Platform with 49 indicators under five categories to promote transparency and accountability of the NDIs in the pursuit of their mandates. The index is also aimed at promoting healthy competition among the institutions as well as increase citizens participation and knowledge of the NDIs activities.

In four years, ANEEJ achieved some of the following:

  1. NDDC Publish First quarterly Report on their website in 2016 with budget and expenditure details,
  2. Inauguration of the Independent CSOs Project Monitoring Committee by the NDDC
  3. The Niger Delta Institutions Transparency and Accountability Index (NDITI)Platform
  4. Capacity enhancement for CSOs and community members in engaging the NDIs,
  5. Completion of some of the Abandoned projects monitored,
  6. Letter of partnership between ANEEJ and the office of the Vice President promoting Transparency and Accountability in the region
  7. The CSOs Independent Project monitoring Report
  8. The CRC Report Card (CRC)
  9. Creation of ISOPADEC and ASOPADEC Websites for information sharing
A cross section of the media and ANEEJ cluster partners