The African saying is true, that a toad does not show up in the daytime for nothing.  It is either that something is after its life or it is after something.  In this case, two heavyweights in the development sector in Nigeria –  the Rev David Ugolor (ANEEJ Executive Director) and Hon Joel Bisina (LITE-Africa Executive Director), showed up in bland and broad daylight in  Benin City and their mission was the signing of a memorandum of understanding, MOU, to work together to come up with a tool to monitor and evaluate key Niger Delta Institutions – the DESOPADEC, OSOPADEC, EDSOGPADEC, etc, upon an agreed template and time frame. 

The Rev David Ugolor with Hon Joel Bisina at the MOU signing event at the ANEEJ International secretariat, Benin City, Nigeria

The meeting which took place at the ANEEJ International Secretariat on Friday, 23rd February, 2018 had in attendance Tolu Oyero, finance & accounts manager, Ayodele Daniel Associate Programme Manager (LITE-Africa); and Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku, communications manager and Sandra Eguagie, programmes officer(ANEEJ).

Tolu Oyero (standing) pointing out other matters to both Rev Ugolor and Hon Joel Bisina while Ayodele Daniels passes one of the documents to Sandra Eguagie for her input

In a brief statement, ANEEJ Executive Director the Rev David Ugolor said: This partnership between ANEEJ and LITE-Africa is one which should produce long-term work in the Niger Delta region and should be emulated by all CSOs in Nigeria.  

Sandra Eguagie pointing out a matter of interest to Hon Joel Bisina at the signing event. The Rev Ugolor studies a document keenly while Ayodele Daniel pauses to deploy other documents

On his part,  LITE-Africa Executive Director, Joel Bisina said that what is of greatest importance for the joint monitoring exercise is the power of an agreed upon tool to effectively communicate the results of the evaluation process.