The ANEEJ man of the moment, Kelly Umukoro, communications officer

Barely a couple of weeks hence, ANEEJ rolled out the drums to celebrate the birthday of our Deputy Executive Director, Leo Atakpu. But now it is the turn of Kelly Umukoro, sometimes known as the deep one – his eyes hardly reveal whether he is mercurial, choler, phlegmatic or sanguine.  But he is known as dedicated and committed to the cause of an Africa Without Poverty for which ANEEJ is well known. Kelly joined ANEEJ as a student 18 years ago and has carried the torch and remained steadfast in good as well as the bad times. 

       Led by the Rev Ugolor, the ANEEJ family sings and dances with Mr. Kelly Umukoro

In the words of our Executive Director, the Rev David Ugolor ‘Celebration of birthdays in ANEEJ is a culture that firms up our resolve and solidarity. Kelly is a man of integrity. He is trusted and tested, reliable, dependable and honest’. 

         ‘Kelly is dependable and reliable’, says ANEEJ Executive Director the Rev David Ugolor

Keeping with our tradition of celebrating our own, we came out to rejoice with our Communications Officer, as he became a year older on February 23, 2018. He always says of himself:  even when I do not have much, I celebrate the little that I have.

  The ANEEJ family wishes Kelly the best of the years ahead.