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ANEEJ Urges Governor Oborevwori to Assent Delta State Social Investment Programme Bill

ANEEJ Urges Governor Oborevwori to Assent Delta State Social Investment Programme Bill

BENIN CITY, NIGERIA. May 31, 2024… Given the economic crisis in Nigeria which has forced more Deltans below poverty line,the Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ), a civil society organization dedicated to eradicating poverty in Africa, has called on the Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, to assent to the Delta State Social Security Investment Programme Bill passed by the Delta State House of Assembly on 20th December 2023.

In a statement issued today, ANEEJ Acting Executive Director, Leo Atakpu, while commending the Delta State House of Assembly for passing the Bill, expressed concern over the delay in endorsing this bill by the governor and emphasized the urgent need to establish the Social Investment Committee as provided in the Bill.

“We are counting on Governor Oborevwori to swiftly bring this essential bill into effect as it is a significant step forward in our collective efforts to provide social protection to the most vulnerable in the state. Delaying its assent only prolongs the hardship faced by many,” Atakpu emphasized.

The bill also provides a legal framework for the establishment of a Social Investment Committee, which will ensure a structured and transparent approach to poverty eradication in Delta State and improve the quality of life for its people.

“The establishment of a Social Investment Committee will not only provide much-needed social protection but will also foster economic growth and stability for the most vulnerable populations in the state,” Atakpu added.

“As we continue to witness the impact of rising inflation, unemployment, insecurity, and other socio-economic challenges, it is imperative that the state government takes proactive steps to alleviate the suffering of its people. By signing this bill into law, Governor Oborevwori will be seen to demonstrate his commitment to the welfare of Deltans and provide much-needed relief to those struggling to make ends meet.

“We commend the Delta State Assembly for their dedication and thorough work on this bill, and we urge Governor Oborevwori to take the final step of signing this crucial bill into law,” Atakpu said.

Recall that the Delta State House of Assembly passed the bill on December 20, 2023, and has since awaited the Governor’s assent for implementation.

The Delta State Social Security Investment Programme Bill underwent thorough legislative scrutiny and extensive consultations with both the private and public sectors. It aims to establish a legal framework for a Social Investment Committee, designed to provide social security and alleviate poverty in the state, offering a vital lifeline to many impoverished families and individuals.

“We call on all stakeholders, including civil society organizations, community leaders, and concerned citizens, to join us in urging Governor Oborivwori to prioritize the well-being of our people, particularly the poor and vulnerable so as not to leave anyone behind in the quest to develop Delta State.” the ANEEJ helmsman said.

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