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US Consular General visits ANEEJ

US Consular General visits ANEEJ

On May 21, 2024, we had the privilege of hosting the US Consular General, William B. Stevens, and his team at our Secretariat in Benin City.

The delegation visited to learn about the work of prominent Indigenous CSOs, celebrate their successes, and explore potential areas of collaboration. Our Executive Director, Rev. David Ugolor, alongside Rev. Father Benedict Onwugbenu of JDPC, media representatives, and ANEEJ staff gave the team a warm welcome.

Key discussions focused on enhancing anti-corruption initiatives, promoting transparency and accountability, and understanding the role of local CSOs in the upcoming Edo State Governorship election slated for September 21, 2024. The visit provided a platform to explore collaborative efforts, particularly in monitoring the election through the Edo State Civil Society Situation Room.

Strategies to combat election malpractices and violence were also discussed, with an emphasis on the importance of local NGOs owning the election monitoring process. The need for international collaboration, including sanctions against perpetrators of election malpractices, was strongly voiced.

The Consular General, William B. Stevens expressed his admiration for ANEEJ and other CSOs tirelessly promoting democracy in Edo State. He shared his enthusiasm for new partnership opportunities, especially those advancing democracy and good governance.

Rev. Ugolor and Rev. Onwugbenu highlighted the challenges in Nigeria’s political landscape and how collaboration with the US Consulate could empower CSOs and the public to advocate for good governance. The meeting also emphasized how this partnership would enhance the capacity of the Edo State Civil Society Situation Room.

In our usual tradition, our Executive Director Rev. David Ugolor presented a bronze sculpture of Queen Iden to the Consular, to promote the Edo cultural values.

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