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RoA launches 2018 report in Paris.

RoA launches 2018 report in Paris.


The RoA Global Secretariat will have its international launch of Report 2018 on 16th January 2019 during the OECD Private Sector Week in Paris, France. The 2018 Reality of Aid (RoA) Report has the theme “The Changing Faces of Development Aid and Cooperation: Will new directions and forms of aid benefit the poor?” Authors of the different chapters examine in closer detail current narratives and trends in Official Development Assistance (ODA), which risk undermining the unique contribution that it can make to the elimination of poverty and inequality in developing countries. It also answers the following questions: How are these debates manifested at the country level? To what extent are ODA initiatives contributing to the fulfillment of human rights-based sustainable development for people living in poverty in the global South? What do current trends and practices say about the future of aid?

Ending poverty and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need dedicated resources to support economic, environmental, and social investments that benefit the poorest people and countries. The 2018 Reality of Aid Report takes stock of the current debates and narratives on the role of ODA and examines how these debates are translated at the national level. The report focused on maximizing contributions of ODA to poverty eradication, within a framework that is defined by human rights standards, including strengthening gender equality and women’s empowerment, and ensuring that members of marginalized groups are not left behind. The Report draws lessons and conclusions from both positive and problematic practices, which in turn inform key messages on the role and future of ODA in financing for development. It addresses fully the role of ODA in meeting the financing needs of Agenda 2030. The 2018 Report sets out a narrative in support for the integrity of ODA as a dedicated resource that contributes directly to the eradication of poverty and the reduction in all forms of inequality.

The Report examines these “changing faces of aid” in five major areas:

  1. ODA and private sector resources to achieve the SDGs
  2. ODA, security, migration and options for development
  3. ODA and response to the acute challenges of climate change
  4. South-South Cooperation in development finance
  5. Safeguarding ODA as a public resource for reducing poverty and inequalities: Recommendations for the future deployment of aid
  6. This Report has 29 contributions comprising 15 country chapters, 14 thematic articles and a Global Aid Trends chapter.

The opening Political chapter brings together the various themes in the contributions of the different authors of the Report. Remarkably, the Report sets out 10 areas for future direction and recommendations for transforming the aid regime towards one based on solidarity, human rights, feminist principles, reducing poverty and tackling inequalities.

Mr. Leo Atakpu is Chairperson, Reality of Aid Network.

See detailed report below: 

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