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The People’s AGM is a movement convened by the Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) to hold Shell, Chevron and other multinational oil companies accountable for the damages caused in the Niger Delta Region. It is a platform through which ANEEJ and other environmentalists called on multinationals oil companies to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius pre-industrial level, and demanded, amongst others, an end to carbon emission. More so, they equally called for a people-centred transition from fossil fuel to clean energy in Nigeria as well as the clean-up of the Ogoni land and the entire Niger Delta region.

The Peoples’s AGM comprises heads and leaders of NGOs, CBOs, faith-based organisations, representatives of Host oil and gas communities, human rights groups, students, youths, artisans and media practitioners.


To be the voice of the marginalized people of the Niger Delta Region who have suffered from the adverse effect of oil spillage, environmental degradation and loss of lives and livelihoods.


Leading institutional investors adopt strong policies on fossil fuel phase outs and a just transition

Environmentalists storm Shell HQ over environmental degradation, gas glaring, others
ANEEJ Executive Director, Rev David Ugolor speaking to Pressmen at the People’s AGM Rally in Lagos

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